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Company-wide changes from new growth and market strategies to major technology implementations and process redesign are constant for businesses today. How effectively a business tackles change defines how successful it will be.

PPICW provides Change Management Solutions proven to help businesses effectively plan, manage and execute initiatives of all kinds, including:

  • Organizational design changes

  • ERP implementations

  • Product launches

  • Market/Business strategy transformation

We have a proven track record of managing changes across different industries, cultures and functions.

Regardless of project size we utilize a Five-Phase Approach that ensures both rigor and results in every project:

  1. Define the Change

  2. Assess the Risk & Readiness

  3. Create a Change Strategy

  4. Deliver against the Plan

  5. Measure & Sustain Momentum


PPICW’s change management programs deliver a rich portfolio of tools and resources including:

  • Change Assessments & Plan

  • Change Communication Tools

  • Training Programs & Documentation

  • Evaluation & Course Correction Tools


To schedule a complimentary consultation to learn how we can help you to implement a corporate-wide change initiative contact us today.

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