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The success of any business is rooted in a strong strategic plan. Every year, countless organizations conduct strategic planning but 70% of their plans fail because:

  • The organization is focused on too many issues

  • No plan of action with focused results

  • Lack of buy-in from team and key stakeholders

  • Unwillingness to change based on external environment

  • Unclear strategic objectives

  • Failure to account for business as usual

  • Wrong people on the team, lack of expertise

  • Failure to celebrate small wins and successes.

Taking the time to invest in proper strategic planning with an experienced consultant can yield the following results:

  • Uncover hidden issues through collaborative questioning

  • Build a consensus on key issues and strategies to address them

  • Clear communication of priorities & laser focus on outcomes for strategic objectives

  • Cooperation among those charged with achieving strategic objectives

  • Higher levels of accountability and trust

There are four critical steps in PPICW’s strategic planning process:

Step 1. Environmental Assessment

Evaluate current and future competitive positioning and perform a SWOT Analysis to develop a baseline of where we are now.


Step 2. Organizational Direction

A review of your mission, vision, and values alignment to answer the questions what do we believe, why are we different, and where should be going.


Step 3. Strategy Formulation

Develop a strategy to establish goals, prepare action items with deadlines, financial and people resources with accountability, risks, and a qualitative/quantitative measure of performance.


Step 4. Implementation Planning

Once a strategic plan is executed you must monitor and review it to determine the success of the strategic plan and areas of improvement.

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